Session 1 – Loos + Berlage 2010_11

Loos – Ornament and Crime

Evans – Translations from Drawing to Building

Session 3 – Scheerbart + Mendelsohn 2010_11

Scheerbart – Glass Architecture

Colomina – Publicity

Session 5 – Gropius + Gropius 2010_11

Gropius – Bauhaus Dessau


Manifesto of Futurist Architecture 1914

Session 4 – Hitchcock_Johnson + Terragni

The International Style – Hitchcock + Johnson

Giedion_9 Points

Mies_Tech and Arch

Rowe & Slutzky – Transparency

Kahn – Order is

Philip Johnson_The Seven Crutches of Modern Architecture

William Katavolos_Organics

Situationist International – Manifesto

Neutra – Human Setting in an Industrial Civilization

van Eyck_Steps Towards a Configurative Discipline

Peter Cook_Zoom and Real Architecture

Ruhnau and Klein_Projects for an Aerial Architecture

Charles Moore_Plug it in Rameses, and See if it Lights up

Reyner Banham_A Home is not a House

Venturi & Scott Brown_On Ducks and Decoration

Colquhoun_Typology and Design Method


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